People Involved in the Building Process

During the building process there are number of parties that you will need to engage with:

  • Builder – the Builder’s role is to project manage the construction of a new property. This includes sourcing all materials and engaging with all required tradesmen. All work is coordinated by the builder and generally clients are required to ask all questions via the builder not site trades or suppliers direct to avoid any confusion and delay to site works.
  • Solicitor – the Solicitor’s role is to provide sound advice and protect the interests of their client in purchasing a property. It is essential that the Solicitor is independently appointed by the buyer to ensure they do not face any conflicts in acting in their client’s best interest. Please note that you should confirm all the inclusions and plans are correct before signing the contract, and any verbal agreements included in your contract, if any. It is recommended you select a solicitor that is familiar with HIA/MBA building contracts and separate land contracts where you have a split contract package.
  • Agent/Sales Staff – the Agent’s role is to source customers and guide them through the process of purchasing a property from the builder. Some builders will use their own in-house sales staff, others will choose to appoint an external agency.
  • Certifier (Building Inspector & Exempt Plan Approvals)– the certifier inspects the property at each stage of construction on behalf of the government to ensure that the house is being built in a manner consistent with the approved plans, engineering requirements and Australian standards. Construction cannot progress to the next stage until the Certifier has confirmed that the house complies with all requirements and is being built in a structurally sound manner. In order for a property to receive final government approval to move in (certificate of occupancy), the Certifier must have approved each stage. Certifiers require a licence to perform these services and their role is essentially to ensure no property is built with any structural or engineering defect. The experience and professionalism of the Certifier is therefore very important. Please note that where the land and building agreements are separate contracts, the buyer is responsible for selecting and paying for a Certifier to ensure the inspections are independent of the Builder as recommended by the MBA. The builder should not be engaging the certifier to avoid a conflict of interest unless you are aware of this and in which case we can include these fees in your contract and now normally do and include this in the price.
  • Structural Engineer – the engineer will design the foundations, concrete slabs, steel work, and any other applicable structural elements to ensure integrity of the structure.  Pavilion homes engages only long established engineers Sellick Consultants to ensure the best quality work to certified standards is incorporated.  
  • Geotechnical Engineer – will confirm the soil class to the structural engineer to enable the design of the above. Knowing the soil class is therefore essential to determining a final price for construction. Please note, land is often sold by the government/developer well in advance of it being possible to conduct testing of the soil to determine soil class. Site access is generally not available for the Builder to test the soil until after the land title has been issued. In some cases, soil class certificates provided by the government/developer (which are occasionally issued before land titles) may not be correct. In the case that the soil class is determined not to be as originally advised by the government/developer, the structural engineer may need to redesign significant portions of the building. This may result in a reduction or increase in costs as determined by the engineers redesign from normal ‘s’ class soil.
  • Surveyor – Contour: Refers to the slope of the some of details of land, often where the land in sold by the developer ‘sales contours’ provided and these can vary outside the builders control, so recommended a actual survey obtained when roads completed and house design verified. House Setout: The builder engages the surveyor to set out per the approved plans.
  • Architect – For quality design and custom design projects, trained designers and members of the Institute of Architects.
  • Draftsman/Building Designer – Engaged to prepare working plans for lodgement to council and certifier for DA/BA approvals.
  • Tradesmen – these are engaged to complete trade works on site, for examples, carpenters, bricklayers, plasters, painters etc. We are always looking for quality trades and welcome referrals and contacts for high quality tradesmen you may come across.
  • Interior Designer/Colour Consultant – where properties or developers do not have colour schemes prepared, you need to either put together your own or engage a designer to help you.  Professionally prepared schemes save you time and ensure the best outcome and maximise the resale value of your property.
  • Suppliers/Manufacturers – These companies supply inclusions and materials, and those with commercial shop fronts and brand name items are preferred to ensure warranty is provided and a contact for help is available.
  • Council – Required to obtain development approval (DA) where a non-exempt design (the certifier can approve exempt DA applicable projects) and/or then issue final certificates of occupancy following certifiers/building inspectors final inspections.
  • Land Developer – Develops the land from open field to separate block lots with road works. Often they require to see and stamp your home plans before DA.  Note: plans can not be lodged for DA approval until the land title has been issued by the council.  If rain or council processing time is extended then initial dates provided by your sales person are extended sorry.
  • Accountant/Financial Planner – To assist you with finances and budgeting. Structures for investment property purchase.
  • Bank/Mortgage Broker – Provides financing advise and loan.
  • Valuer – Engaged by your finance provider to determines the market value of your properties which can vary to actual cost. Ask us to explain.


  • Dedicated Project Manager – For custom architect designed homes and larger projects we allocate and include a person to liase with you regarding site progress.  Please discuss this with your sales person.

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