Land selection

Buying land like everything is easy when you know how

Unlike purchasing an existing home, there are no construction issues to consider in the building report.

Additionally, like a new home, there is no façade style to choose and no details like colour scheme, kitchen finish or curtains to slow down your decision-making. Your choice of land is essential to the success of your custom-built home and meeting your thoughts and expectations in design and building budget.


Needs to be considered as it impacts on the design you can build and the energy rating.

Shape of the block

Don’t just focus on the size of the land you’re buying - the shape of the site is vitally important too. Irregular blocks can offer exciting opportunities to create an impressive home, wide blocks offer the opportunity for imposing street- presence and deep blocks offer the opportunity to create fantastic garden spaces. An expert architect or builder is essential in maximising the design and build on these blocks.

Consider slope and soil type

Blocks with a steep gradient, that have not been retained, will incur higher building costs than a flat block. Sandy and light soils may need reinforcement, even over light gradients, and thick clay or rocky soils may incur additional excavation and tipping costs.

Uncover easements and impediments

Check the Land Title Certificate carefully, visit the Council/land developer and approach the relevant bodies to discover whether there are encumbrances on your land. An easement in the backyard may be a small thing unless it happens to be where you want to put the pool. A road- widening order, or heritage listing, may not affect how you use the block today but could be vitally important to you in the future.

Document everything

Check and re-check the documentation relating to your land purchase. If you are purchasing subject to certain conditions, make sure that all the details are fully recorded in the purchase documents and that you understand exactly what those details mean. Keep a full copy of the paperwork and land contracts you sign with your solicitors.

When will the land be ready to build on?

In new estates ask the developer and note it can vary depending on rain, contractors and approvals. Should this be delayed so will our commencement date at certain times if you have purchased a package in advance. This is outside our control.

Get expert advice

Contact us before buying a block of land for professional, no obligation advice. In new estates contact the land developer for all the relevant information. Before signing contracts talk to your solicitor.

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