Indoor Pool & Cafe

Its more private than it first appears.  The pool area can only be accessed by residents and is much more private than other pools in developments which are outdoor and overlooked by all residents fully 24 hours a day and their visiting guest.

The Versage pool is indoor heated and 90% more private as such for all year use and only residents can enter the pool area which is closed off by the glass wall.  The raised deck area and change rooms are out of site of the foyer also.  The pool area with its green wall backdrop and skylight and high ceilings from the wide entry foyer make the entry to the development very open and unique coming off the large LDA park square with no kerb side car parking.

Its got fresh air, natural light from the skylight. And a great feature feature to the foyer creating a warm welcome home and value to the building even if you don’t swim.  Compare Northshore entry foyer to others, which would you prefer to walk into:

  • Walk around other developments and compare the list of features
  • The café is designed to be low volume for residents benefit and the developer with be subsidising the rent to ensure it is viable and also controlling the quality of food and menu.Please review the other features below and consider meeting with me if you are looking for a great apartment
  • Low sloping driveway which is a easy straight line drive into, compare other basement plans